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At Framework, we focus on humanising injury management and workplace rehabilitation management.

Pre-Employment Assessment

Framework’s functional and medical pre-employment screening protocol is designed to provide as much useful information as possible as promptly as possible. We understand the importance of giving you valid information. this is the Framework’s point of difference.

Pre Employment Functional Assessment Workplace Injury Management Solutions - Framework Group
Workplace Rehabilitation

Workplace Injury Management

At Framework group, we believe that workplace injury management or workplace rehabilitation is better framed as recovery support guidance. our model emphasises the importance of autonomy support for injured workers so we like to frame our input as guidance rather than management.

Education and Training

The Framework team want your staff to understand that injuries occur for reasons other than the obvious physical hazards. We can’t prevent injuries simply by providing manual handling training and signage telling people to be safe. Your team make daily decisions that are constrained by time pressures, the need to satisfy client expectations, limited resources and the inevitability of human fallibility.

Education and Training Workplace Injury Management Solutions - Framework Group

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We’re proud Of our unique approach that challenges much of the conventional wisdom in the workers compensation world.
Workplace Injury Management Solutions - Framework Group
Workplace Injury Management Solutions - Framework Group

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