At Framework Group we believe that Workplace injury management or Workplace Rehabilitation is better framed as Recovery Support Guidance.

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The role of a rehabilitation provider is well described at the website of the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA). At Framework group we believe that workplace injury management or workplace rehabilitation is better framed as recovery support guidance. Our model [hyperlink to blog “humanising workers comp”] emphasises the importance of autonomy support for injured workers so we like to frame our input as guidance rather than management.

Early intervention

Framework understands the challenges posed by the complexity of the workers compensation system. We understand the needs of all participants and we have a track record of getting better results for employers, agents and workers. We love people to work and we achieve this by facilitating sensemaking and problem solving. We understand the importance of listening and the value of workers’ independence. We’re equally committed to commercial considerations and believe both are compatible.

We are experienced so we can save you time and energy, and of course money, with timely advice.

We do have a small request though….please start early!

The sooner in the claims cycle we get involved, the more effective we can help you to be.

We have expertise is in prevention after the injury has occurred. That is, we can help you prevent secondary disability. We can’t predict the future but we know the typical pathway when respect is compromised. We can help you maintain trust and respect in your workplace despite the challenges injuries pose to your organisational culture.

Workplace Injury Management

Workplace Injury Management Services

  • Workplace assessment
  • Functional capacity assessment
  • ergonomic assessment
  • manual handling risk assessment
  • Doctor case conferencing
  • Return to work plan development and facilitation
  • Case management
  • Non work related injury management
  • Psychological injury management

Organisational learning

Our model focusses on organisational learning and views every recovering worker as a source of learning. Recovery strategy shouldn’t just target individual workers but rather, can facilitate learning about psychosocial risk factors to the organisation. Every injured worker is an accessible source of information about the health of your workplace. We want to help you to collect and curate this rich vein of intelligence.