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Ensuring safe workplaces in Jesmond

Workplace injury management refers to the process of preventing and addressing injuries that occur in the workplace. This can include implementing safety measures to prevent accidents, providing first aid and medical care to injured workers, and supporting workers as they recover from their injuries. It is important for employers to have a plan in place to manage workplace injuries, as this can help to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees. Additionally, effective injury management can help to reduce the financial impact of workplace injuries on both the employer and the injured worker.

Here at Framework Group, we are specialists in providing workplace injury management, training courses and rehabilitation services for workers injured at work. We can help in proving the best outcome for getting your employee back to work in a safe and reasonable timeframe, allowing normal business practices to resume.

We offer a wide range of services that includes:

  • Organisational learning
  • Workplace rehabilitation
  • Injury prevention strategy workshops
  • Learning support
  • Injury prevention training
  • Workplace injury management services
  • Pre-employment functionality assessment
  • Education and training

Your trusted company in providing workplace injury management in Jesmond

Jesmond is a suburb of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. It is located about 5 kilometers from the city center and is known for its leafy streets and residential feel. The suburb has a mix of older and newer homes, as well as several parks and recreational facilities. The University of Newcastle is in Jesmond, and the suburb is also home to a few shops and cafes. Framework Group are committed to understanding your business and requirements by providing solutions that are both successful and designed to increase the workforce capabilities, whilst reducing potential injuries. If you would like to find out more information, please call the Framework Group team on 1300 661 296.

Workplace Injury Management Jesmond