Hi Grant - I just wanted to give you some feedback from both myself and my injury management advisor upon showing her your email. I'll start by saying the following feedback is definitely unique from my 6+ years of experience case managing claims and working with workplace rehabilitation providers. Firstly, I was impressed with your thinking and particularly with your attachment referencing the Stories/Narratives that we each develop and share with others. It made me reflect on the way that my story has changed over the years and what has lead me to who I am today., I like that you share this with the injured workers and the idea of engaging them to re-write their stories, particularly as many injured workers can be consumed with their stpory being that of injury rather than what the future holds beyond injury. I am impressed by your level of service and thinking outside of the square that you develop for each case to fully engage workers in the process and their sense of ownership that you are developing. Your methods of engagement, rapport building and tailored approach towards each worker whilst remaining focused on the legislative requirements is refreshing and I am certain will result in positive outcomes for all stakeholders. I look forward to see how everything develops! With regard to my injury management advisor's feedback, well in simple tems she felt like sending a copy of your email to other workplace rehabilitation providers we engage showing them how things can be done and the level of thinking that can be applied to engage workers and provide them with tools and strategies outside of standard job seeking application in promoting recovery and return to work. Just wanted to take the time to thank you for the feedback and strategies for each of my referrals so far and let you know I have noticed that your approach with each of them is very much tailored to their individuality. Great work Grant! Claims Officer, Claims Operation Branch, Workers Compensation Insurance Division WorkCover Authority of NSW
Claims Officer - WorkCover Authority of NSW - WorkCover Authority of NSW

Workplace Health & Safety Services

Workplace health and safety is transient. Striving for health and safety is like striving for happiness…it’s a worthwhile pursuit but we can’t always be happy.

Nor can we always be 100% healthy and safe.

All organisations juggle priorities and resources on a daily basis. If an organisation is living and breathing then it is taking risks every day. Financial risks, relationship risks and even risks with their team’s health and safety. That’s what it is to be a dynamic organisation that is focused on learning. Mistakes are inevitable and unless that’s accepted then learning is compromised.

Healthy people interact with their environment for fun, for profit and sometimes just for stimulation. It’s the interaction that makes them healthy. They take physical risks like driving a car, riding a bike or playing sport. They take psychological risks when they commit to or leave relationships, when they change their jobs or when they state an opinion. People make decisions every day about these risks based on insufficient information, gut feelings and mental shortcuts. But curiously, for the most part, our poorly informed decision making serves us well. Of course we come unstuck from time to time, which is inevitable, and that’s when we learn stuff.

Framework Group knows what it is to be subject to systems and procedures and audits. We’re an “approved workplace rehabilitation provider”. We have to jump through the regulator’s hoops and frankly, we don’t like it. We don’t like being told what to do and we don’t like spending time buried in externally applied processes and procedures. We do it not because we believe it adds value, though we concede some of it does, but because the trade-off is that ‘approval’ gives us freedom to do what we do best.

That is, we help our clients to work within, and around, the clumsy system of laws and regulations and procedures and systems that is imposing itself on health and safety decision making in our workplaces. Of course we don’t ignore the rules, but rather, we help our clients to interpret them, to retain perspective and to maintain a balance between working with the rules without being overwhelmed by them.

Our attention goes beyond the typical focus on hazards and the physical environment. We want to help you understand the factors that impact day to day decision making. We want to consider how your culture impacts upon your team’s decision making. We want to help you dig deeper and help you to learn.


If this has whet your appetite for learning then we’d love to start a conversation with you. To begin a conversation, call 1300 661 296 or email solutions@frameworkgroup.com.au.