Hi Grant - I just wanted to give you some feedback from both myself and my injury management advisor upon showing her your email. I'll start by saying the following feedback is definitely unique from my 6+ years of experience case managing claims and working with workplace rehabilitation providers. Firstly, I was impressed with your thinking and particularly with your attachment referencing the Stories/Narratives that we each develop and share with others. It made me reflect on the way that my story has changed over the years and what has lead me to who I am today., I like that you share this with the injured workers and the idea of engaging them to re-write their stories, particularly as many injured workers can be consumed with their stpory being that of injury rather than what the future holds beyond injury. I am impressed by your level of service and thinking outside of the square that you develop for each case to fully engage workers in the process and their sense of ownership that you are developing. Your methods of engagement, rapport building and tailored approach towards each worker whilst remaining focused on the legislative requirements is refreshing and I am certain will result in positive outcomes for all stakeholders. I look forward to see how everything develops! With regard to my injury management advisor's feedback, well in simple tems she felt like sending a copy of your email to other workplace rehabilitation providers we engage showing them how things can be done and the level of thinking that can be applied to engage workers and provide them with tools and strategies outside of standard job seeking application in promoting recovery and return to work. Just wanted to take the time to thank you for the feedback and strategies for each of my referrals so far and let you know I have noticed that your approach with each of them is very much tailored to their individuality. Great work Grant! Claims Officer, Claims Operation Branch, Workers Compensation Insurance Division WorkCover Authority of NSW
Claims Officer - WorkCover Authority of NSW - WorkCover Authority of NSW

Education & Training

Framework’s learning support isn’t driven by compliance. We want to make a positive and sustainable difference to your organisation. 

The Framework team want your staff to understand that injuries occur for reasons other than the obvious physical hazards. We can’t prevent injuries simply by providing manual handling training and signage telling people to be safe. Your team make daily decisions that are constrained by time pressures, the need to satisfy client expectations, limited resources and the inevitability of human fallibility. We want your team to understand that mistakes are inevitable but are also a rich source of learning.


Learning support

At Framework we advocate a pedagogical approach to supporting our clients. We understand that learning is about followership and partnership and we believe our clients benefit from stimulation to think critically. Although we position ourselves as subject matter experts in injury management, we recognise that successful injury management depends on an organisations’ culture and focus on learning.

Framework has developed the following programs to support our clients and we also partner with like-minded organisations to expand the range of services beyond our own specialties.


       Injury prevention strategy workshop

1 day workshop designed for senior management and line managers.

  • Interactive presentation that highlights the real reasons that injuries occur and how they differ from conventional wisdom
  • Highlights the limitations of generic & traditional risk assessments
  • Facilitates empowerment strategies
  • Facilitates strategies for empowering injury prevention amongst your team


Injury prevention training

Customised training for your team

  • Designed as an outcome from the injury prevention strategy workshop
  • Raises awareness of the real reasons that injuries occur
  • That is;
    • Complacency
    • Distraction
    • Rushing
    • Overconfidence
    • Organisational culture
    • Reporting culture: are you hiding your injuries?
  • Manual handling & Ergonomics – just the tip of the iceberg
  • Facilitates team ownership of preventative strategies


      Advanced RTW Coordinator training

      2 days at your place or ours

  • Humanising workers compensation (People over Process)
  • Biopsychosocial injury management
  • Secondary disability: how to avoid it
  • Early intervention: was is it really?
  • Motivation and workers compensation (it’s not just carrot & stick)
  • Effective communication for supervisors and managers (empowerment as an alternative to control)
  • Creative suitable duties (includes strategies for capturing tacit knowledge)
  • Empowerment strategies (delivered in a case study format)
  • Understanding leadership and followership
  • WorkCover premiums – saving money by supporting your people


Supervisor mentoring/critical coaching

Ongoing assistance to supervisors, as needed, to assist in critical thinking and strategising in injury management. Research has identified that most supervisors feel the following with respect to injury management at work;

  • Helpless and confused in the role as a supervisor
  • Fearful of handling personal problems in the workplace
  • Guilt about putting more pressure on someone who is perceived to already have problems
  • A fear of confrontation, criticism or losing control.
  • Uncertainty of how to communicate about personal issues with the employee
  • Taking on a person’s stresses and problems as their own
  • Frustration at balancing the additional time spent in supporting individual employee needs with the demands of time pressures, service standards and management expectations.

Framework’s mentoring is designed to support supervisor’s critical thinking and enhance their learning, rather than to just tell them what to do.